Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License 
            Univ of New Mexico Cherry and Silver Invitational             
Event 15  Men Weight Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1       Alan Zapalac           Texas                   19.53m   64-01.00
      19.33m  19.53m  19.16m  17.84m  19.53m  FOUL                        
  2       Ricky Nelson           Barton County CC        17.80m   58-04.75
      17.33m  FOUL  17.01m  17.80m  16.96m  17.21m                        
  3       Chris Brown            Cal St. Northridge      16.78m   55-00.75
      16.33m  15.73m  15.93m  15.99m  16.78m  16.33m                      
  4       Zach Rosales           Cal St. Northridge      16.39m   53-09.25
      16.13m  14.93m  FOUL  16.39m  FOUL  16.26m                          
  5       Dawaun Lucas           Cal St. Northridge     J16.39m   53-09.25
      16.02m  15.52m  15.64m  15.69m  16.39m  16.17m                      
  6       Brian Peterson         Texas                   16.37m   53-08.50
      15.06m  16.07m  16.37m  15.20m  15.32m  16.22m                      
  7       Timothy Beard          Azusa Pacific           16.35m   53-07.75
      16.35m  16.05m  FOUL  FOUL  15.84m  FOUL                            
  8       Austin Turner          Azusa Pacific           16.18m   53-01.00
      14.97m  16.18m  15.28m  FOUL  14.98m  FOUL                          
  9       Kevin Rincon           Utep                    15.76m   51-08.50
      FOUL  14.49m  15.76m  FOUL  15.69m  FOUL                            
 10       Enrique Martinez       Barton County CC        14.92m   48-11.50
      FOUL  14.92m  FOUL                                                  
 11       Cade Halliburton       West Texas A&M          13.55m   44-05.50
      12.77m  13.55m  12.91m                                              
 12       Jacob Harbin           Cal St. Northridge      13.44m   44-01.25
      FOUL  13.42m  13.44m                                                
 13       Tyler Pickens          West Texas A&M          12.76m   41-10.50
      FOUL  12.76m  12.53m                                                
 14       Jared Bachman          Eastern New Mexico      10.53m   34-06.75
      FOUL  10.53m  9.45m                                                 
 --       David Rueff            Texas                     FOUL