Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License 
            Univ of New Mexico Cherry and Silver Invitational             
Event 26  Women Triple Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1       Jannell Hadnot         New Mexico              13.03m   42-09.00
      FOUL  FOUL  12.74m  FOUL  13.03m  11.91m                            
  2       Latavia Coombs         New Mexico JC           12.87m   42-02.75
      12.41m  12.48m  12.65m  12.20m  12.87m  12.85m                      
  3       Rellie Kaputin         West Texas A&M          12.63m   41-05.25
      12.46m  12.63m  11.94m  11.51m  12.29m  FOUL                        
  4       Aasha Marler           Unat-New Mexico         12.50m   41-00.25
      12.20m  FOUL  FOUL  12.21m  12.50m  FOUL                            
  5       Tamara Moncrieffe      New Mexico JC           12.26m   40-02.75
      FOUL  FOUL  12.26m  FOUL  11.84m  FOUL                              
  6       Hanifah Abdul-Qadi     New Mexico JC           12.16m   39-10.75
      12.12m  12.06m  12.16m  11.80m  12.04m  11.83m                      
  7       Marisa Kwiatkowski     Stanford               J12.16m   39-10.75
      FOUL  12.07m  11.84m  11.86m  12.04m  12.16m                        
  8       Cathilee Mullings      New Mexico JC           11.98m   39-03.75
      FOUL  11.98m  11.71m  11.36m  11.23m  FOUL                          
  9       Je'Neal Ainsworth      San Diego St.           11.91m   39-01.00
      11.85m  FOUL  11.45m  11.89m  11.91m  FOUL                          
 10       Cyinna Booker          Azusa Pacific           11.63m   38-02.00
      FOUL  11.63m  11.43m                                                
 11       Olivia Nash            Azusa Pacific           11.48m   37-08.00
      11.48m  11.39m  11.26m                                              
 12       La'Shya Cole           New Mexico St.          11.43m   37-06.00
      11.36m  FOUL  11.43m                                                
 13       Hannah Smith           New Mexico St.          11.31m   37-01.25
      11.23m  11.27m  11.31m                                              
 14       Elizabeth Prevedel     Azusa Pacific           11.24m   36-10.50
      11.24m  10.95m  10.93m                                              
 15       Fiona Barnes           Barton County CC        11.19m   36-08.50
      11.19m  11.19m  10.81m                                              
 16       Taren Hayward          Cal St. Northridge      11.01m   36-01.50
      11.01m  FOUL  10.75m                                                
 17       Cydney Leath           Cal St. Northridge      10.98m   36-00.25
      10.98m  FOUL  10.91m                                                
 18       Jocelyn Jordan         New Mexico St.          10.92m   35-10.00
      10.92m  10.72m  FOUL                                                
 19       Ty Wallace             Cal St. Northridge      10.85m   35-07.25
      FOUL  10.85m  10.77m                                                
 20       Corbri Wingfield       Wayland Baptist         10.79m   35-05.00
      10.79m  9.79m  FOUL                                                 
 21       Kiana Gomez            Adams State             10.37m   34-00.25
      10.31m  FOUL  10.37m                                                
 --       Amanda Carty           Barton County CC          FOUL