Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License 
2018 Gardenswartz Great Southwest Track and Field  Indoor Class
                     ABQ Convention Center                     
Event 15  Girls Weight Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1   172 Gerow, Joy             Valor Track Academy     13.33m
      FOUL  13.33m  12.43m  FOUL  13.11m  12.87m               
  2   362 Opp, Amanda            Amanda Opp              12.93m
      12.40m  12.93m  FOUL  11.50m  12.59m  12.91m             
  3   235 Iese, Athiya           Throwers Res            12.44m
      9.59m  9.03m  FOUL  FOUL  12.44m  FOUL                   
  4    65 Cadle, Belle           Throwers Res            11.79m
      11.28m  10.68m  FOUL  11.79m  6.31m  FOUL                
  5   430 Santillon, Azalea      Durango Track Club       7.86m
      FOUL  FOUL  7.86m  7.19m  FOUL  FOUL                     
  6    64 Butler, Tatiana        Throwers Res             7.80m
      5.43m  6.63m  7.60m  7.80m  7.24m  FOUL                  
  7   412 Rodenbaugh, Fiona      Durango Track Club       6.40m
      6.36m  4.51m  5.90m  5.79m  6.40m  5.98m                 
  8   212 Hazel, Genevieve       Throwers Res             5.90m
      5.90m  4.17m  5.20m  5.50m  FOUL  4.61m                  
 --   416 Romero, Emmy           Durango Track Club         DNS
 --   251 Johnson, Maya          Durango Track Club         DNS
 --   208 Harris, Meyani         Throwers Res               DNS