Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License 
                       Univ of New Mexico Don Kirby                       
Event 31  Men Long Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Mitchell Watt                Australia                7.83m   25-08.25
      7.78m  FOUL  6.36m  6.25m  7.83m  PASS                              
  2 Norris Frederick             Asics                    7.79m   25-06.75
      FOUL  7.79m  7.44m  7.46m  FOUL  PASS                               
  3 Kendall Spencer              Unattached               7.75m   25-05.25
      7.75m  PASS  FOUL  7.42m  7.37m  PASS                               
  4 Travonn White                Oregon                   7.73m   25-04.50
      FOUL  7.63m  7.73m  FOUL  7.21m  FOUL                               
  5 Nate Moore                   Oregon                   7.67m   25-02.00
      7.48m  7.58m  7.67m  7.62m  7.32m  7.49m                            
  6 Yannick Roggatz              New Mexico               7.50m   24-07.25
      5.15m  FOUL  7.05m  7.31m  7.50m  7.41m                             
  7 Allan Hamilton               New Mexico               7.39m   24-03.00
      7.15m  7.11m  7.31m  7.39m  FOUL  FOUL                              
  8 Walter Jones                 California               7.16m   23-06.00
      7.16m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  7.09m