Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License  4/7/2018 - 2:23 PM
                    2017 Don Kirby Outdoor - 4/7/2018                     
                       UNM Track and Field Complex                        
Event 2  Women Javelin Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1     4 Traynhan, Michelle     New Mexico              47.33m     155-03
      43.65m  39.65m  47.05m  47.33m  FOUL  FOUL                          
  2       Toako, Sharon          New Mexico H            45.53m     149-04
      45.53m  43.08m  FOUL  43.70m  FOUL  43.00m                          
  3       Farmer, Kayli          Unat-New Mexico St.     41.79m     137-01
      38.28m  41.30m  41.79m  41.74m  41.36m  41.60m                      
  4       Reyes, Sara            New Mexico              38.51m     126-04
      38.51m  34.84m  35.96m  37.65m  36.15m  37.73m                      
  5       Enbody, Katherine      Grand Canyon            34.75m     114-00
      31.87m  29.24m  34.00m  32.35m  34.75m  30.08m                      
  6       Smith, Morgan          New Mexico              34.45m     113-00
      30.78m  34.45m  34.04m  31.75m  32.94m  32.90m                      
  7       Mullins, Piper         New Mexico H            33.25m     109-01
      32.00m  33.15m  FOUL  32.74m  33.25m  33.12m                        
  8       Carrica, Erin          New Mexico H            31.09m     102-00
      28.50m  28.88m  30.20m  28.68m  31.09m  FOUL                        
  9       Leekya, Shanell        Fort Lewis              30.55m     100-03
      26.95m  27.65m  28.40m  28.60m  27.07m  30.55m                      
 10       Mbadie, Christina      New Mexico H            14.32m      47-00
      12.32m  14.32m  12.83m  PASS  PASS  PASS                            
 --       Kienitz, Ashley        Fort Lewis                 DNS